Cleaning Trial at Jubilee Lake

Visitors to Jubilee Lake may notice some activity there from Tuesday 25th October for a few days.  Council is conducting a trial to clean up the algae from the lake, an ongoing problem that affects many water bodies as the weather warms up. There will be a water – treatment unit mounted on a trailer, powered by a generator.  While there is some sound dampening, some noise from the generator will be noticeable for a few days. 

The trial is using nanobubble technology that has been successful in many installations in the U.S. to control the algae in the lake.  The system works by adding oxygen and ozone into the water via microfine bubbles that results in a chemical – free way of controlling algae, and also single – celled organisms such as bacteria.   This method leaves no ecological footprint, and in fact increases the oxygen level in treated water, therefore enhancing fish and other marine life.   Unlike alternative water treatments such as copper or chlorine products, there are no chemical residues, and the water is left in a healthier state following treatment.

While there will some noise during treatment for a few days, we are working towards a positive outcome that offers an environmentally responsible method of improving Jubilee Lake and other water bodies in the Tea Tree Gully area for the benefit of all ratepayers.

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