Stagnant Water Treatment Demonstration

As we all know, bodies of water that have low oxygen levels become stagnant and start to smell. This is because the lack of oxygen prevents the water from circulating, and as a result, the water becomes stagnant.

The health of all plant life and animal life deteriorates in these conditions. The plants begin to die off, and the animals either suffocate or starve. In some cases, the water may become so polluted by Blue green algae’s and anaerobic bacteria’s quickly populate the lake leading to unsafe and dangerous outcomes. Low oxygen levels in lakes and other bodies of water are a serious problem that can have devastating consequences for the environment.

Because of this issue, our team at Viss Water went to one of Seppeltsfield’s storage dams to test and demonstrate one of our products to solve these very problems.

The product we are testing and demonstrating is a portable set up that sits temporarily on the bank of a water storage or lake and it pumps water from the lake and puts it through a series of treatment processes that increases the Dissolved Oxygen levels by an incredible amount.

The technology produces Nano Bubbles which contain Ozone, this will aerate a lake very quickly causing the water to clarify and become highly aerated. This can been seen in the images with the sample water from the storage dam and the treated water next to it in the glasses.

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